Moss Beach

Moss Beach is known for its tide pools and historic distillery.   Planning ahead is essential since fog and high tides can ruin your trip.

Tide Pools at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve –  Since 1969, this marine reserve has welcomed visitors to this highly rated and extremely popular tide pool.  It’s essential to visit the tide pools during low tide(tidal information can be found at the Friends of Fitzgerald Marine Reserve website.)  View their website or the reserve’s official website for helpful viewing and safety tips.  Parking fills up fast during low tide.

Cypress Forrest at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve – A short hike above the tide pools will take you to the spectacular Cypress Forrest accessed through the bluff trail.  This haunting row of cypress trees makes you feel like you’ve stepped into Sleepy Hollow.

Moss Beach Distillery – This popular restaurant is infamous for its illegal activities as a speakeasy during Prohibition and for the “Blue Lady” ghost that’s said to haunt the grounds.  Note: fog can obscure its spectacular views.  Visit their website for hours and menus.

When Visiting Moss Beach

It’s a good idea to supplement your trip to Moss Beach if you’ve made a long drive, or if high tide ruins your tide pool experience.

Princeton-by-the-sea – Home to the Mavericks surfing competition, here you’ll find easy access to the beach, a pier, and fresh seafood.  (Learn More)

Half Moon Bay – The historic buildings along downtown’s Main Street is the best collection of shops for strolling along the local coast. (Learn More)

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