Pebble Beach (Bean Hollow State Beach)

Located towards the southern end of San Mateo County, Pebble Beach is best known for its unique geographical features. Jagged rocks with vivid colors create an otherworldly shoreline that’s fun to explore. Displays point out park features like the unique Tafani rock patterns that look like intricate pieces of art.

Pebble Beach makes up the north part of Bean Hollow State Beach. Behind toilets at its southern end you’ll find the start of the mile scenic long Arroyo de los Frijoles Trail. Although it has a few set of stairs, the footpath’s benches and displays highlight features of the coastal seal and bird habitats. The trail makes its way to to Bean Hollow Beach at the southern end of the park(which can also be reached by car).

Pebble Beach facilities include picnic tables, toilets and limited parking. Those visiting on weekends and busy summer days should arrive/leave early to obtain parking and avoid congestion on the narrow coastal highways.

Although there is few stretches of sand, those expecting to find a large sandy beach will be disappointed. Good footwear should be worn to explore Pebble Beach’s slippery rock paths and tide pools. Tide pools only appear in low tide, and are extremely dangerous due to slick surfaces and rouge waves. Swimming should be avoided due to cold water and strong currents.

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