Mussel Rock Park, Daly City, CA.

This cliffside park overlooks Mussel Rock, infamously the closest point to the epicenter of the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake. The majority of park visitors come to use its parking lot as a coastal viewing area. Those visiting other Pacifica and San Mateo County Coastal destinations would appreciate a quick stopover at this free park.

Visitors should expect to spend at least 15 minutes exploring the different scenic vantage points around the parking area. A short walk south of the parking lot back on the road towards the entrance will bring you past a series of spectacular views of the San Mateo County Coastline with the Pacifica Municipal pier in the distance.

At the northwestern corner of the parking lot you’ll find a small footpath that offers incredible views of Mussel Rock(often covered with birds and seismic measuring equipment). Looking north from the parking lot you can often find paragliders flying along the coast at Mussel Rock Park. This is the most popular spot for paragliding in the region and many visitors come specifically to watch them launch and fly.

Mussel Rock Park has an extensive series of steep trails gradually leading down to the shoreline. Signs warning the dangers of the trail helps keep most visitors near the parking lot.

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